If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced. ― Vincent van Gogh

We leave to Cambodia in exactly 48 hours. We have learned lots of Khmer. We have learned the topography of Cambodia and begun a diorama of some of its indigenous animals. While listening to Khmer music, we have learned about the Cambodian culture, the history of the Mekong Delta and many other fascinating cultural facts. We have bug spray, sunscreen, dry shampoo and lots of breathable apparel. We are scheduled to do some basket ball camps at the CFC schools and vision screenings. We are all very excited and have all of our ducks in a row… well sort of…

What we (or I.. let’s be honest) have not done is taken a moment to feel anxiety. We have had many opportunities through totally innocent yet unnecessary comments from some friends and family… you guys know what I mean… questions like -You’re taking your children!? Yes.  How will they travel for so long?!  They will read, sleep and watch movies. How long is that flight?! The longest stretch is 19 hours. What if they get sick?!  (no answer) Is it safe?! Yes.

Here is the thing, if we (again me) do not push for what we want and deal with the details later, we (I) would most likely not fulfill any desires or goals. It is only, like clockwork, 48 hours before a major decision that I begin to get a little cray-cray. Have we packed? No. Does B have a runny nose? Ugh Yes. Is your work done? No. Are you nuts to do this? Yes, I am. I am freaking nuts and there is a voice in me saying ” You can not do this..” and therefore, I will edit Van Gogh to get some last minute inspiration.

“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot TRAVEL SCHOOL, then by all means TRAVELSCHOOL and that voice will be silenced.” -me-ish

Can’t wait to catch everyone up when we get back. We have Cambodia (CFC Schools), Singapore and New Zealand on the itinerary. Something tells me that the moment the girls see Angkor Wat and spend time at the CFC schools, the voice will be silenced. To learn more about the world changing charity we are working with, please take a moment to go to http://www.caringforcambodia.org  Also, here is a short yet really informative video on greetings to use in Cambodia along with how high or low to hold your hands in prayer. Click here to learn some Khmer!

For those of you looking for more inspiration on accomplishing the “impossible”, please check out this article that a dear friend sent me yesterday. It is about working full-time while home schooling!! It can be done! http://www.fastcompany.com/3055528/second-shift/how-these-parents-work-and-homeschool-too

Lea! (Goodbye in Khmer) 





4 thoughts on “If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced. ― Vincent van Gogh

  1. You can do this and will do this. I am so proud of you guys for taking risks that the rest of us can’t seem to do!!! love you guys and have a safe and adventurous trip! Can’t wait to see pictures. Those of us that are afraid to take some risks will live vicariously through you guys!!!!!!!😘


  2. You and how you are traveling and schooling the girls is crazy inspiring! Travel School! Travel School! Travel School! Shine on, fearless mama!


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