Tree Curriculum

Tree Curriculum consists of a schedule that exceeds Core Curriculum standards as well as provides a Mobile Friendly component. Wether you are schooling from home or are flying across the globe, you can use the following itinerary/syllabus to keep your student(s) engaged and caught up.

Reading, Prezi (journaling and presentation) – What books do we use? What is Prezi? See J and B’s current Prezis.

Foreign LanguagesWhy and which Languages? Which software do you use? J and B’s experience with foreign language.

Philanthropic or Artistic project– How to pick the project? Check out J’s Philanthropic venture and B’s Artistic Project

One illustration per day – Why one illustration per day? Read and see J and B’s illustration per day venture.

Thanks so much for your interest and please feel free to comment with any questions you may have on Tree Curriculum!

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