Travelingschoolers and Homeschoolers


We hope to inspire families to have the confidence  along with essential tools to plan a journey like this of their own. We invite you to use our day by day checklists and home school logs. Our curriculum is completely customizable.Are you interested in homeschooling or travel schooling?

We can help-

Families transitioning into Home Schooling or Travel schooling.

Families that want to travel yet still keep up with their children’s curriculum.

Students that are in a traditional school setting but want to accelerate over the Summer or during holidays.

Students that have a deep curiosity for a certain subject in which they are not being fulfilled in school or even their current home school setting.

Travel schoolers- If you happen to find yourself in one of our destination spots, you can click on our “traveling curriculum”  and choose your destination for an onsite learning opportunity with a step by step itinerary and map. It will guide you through the actual project as well as link it to your Core Curriculum standards.

Home schoolers and Tutors – Tree curriculum is a set of activities that you can do from anywhere in the world… even your own kitchen. Tree Curriculum guides you through the actual project as well as links you to your Core Curriculum standards and can be done in your home city or across the globe.

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