Milos, Greek Islands

IMG_8794The most unique, serene and one of a kind beaches in the world can be seen on the tiny island of Milos. Milos is a hidden gem unknown by the crowds and novice travelers. While Milos is one of least visited Greek islands by travelers,  it is still one of the most well-known as it is where the famous Venus de Milo was found (now in the Louvre in Paris). The Venus de Milo (arguably Aphrodite) is one of the greatest treasures of the world. If you can look beyond the big island names and make it over to Milos… you won’t regret it.

Milos is kid-friendly and significantly less pricey then it’s sister islands. Instead of waiting in cues and filling up your itenerary with to -do’s, Milos offfers you an opportunity to keep it simple, family style. Your days consist of marveling at the natural beauty of its many beaches… which will cost you zero euro.

IMG_4079Milos Itenerary-

A typical Milos itinerary for the day goes like this-

Sleep-in. Eat breakfast.  Have Greek coffee (pressed coffee with condensed milk over ice) Pack up your beach bag. Point to one of the seventy-two beaches on the map (dozens with in 15 minutes from you) and drive over (there are even a few within wlking distance).  This is a great blog to help guide you through some of the top picks  Top 10 beaches of Milos Isalnd  Hang out at said beach,  have a snack, take a swim, jump off a sketchy cliff or at least contemplate it for a good 30 seconds. Soak up some sun, read a book and head back to your hotel once you’ve run out of water. Have some more Greek Coffee, lunch, siesta and start the same thing over that afternoon or the next morning.We were in Milos for 4 nights and had already taken the Caldera cruise out of Santorini, earlier in our trip (Traveling Trees go to Santorini) so we skipped the sailing excursion in Milos. We literally did the above itinerary every day.


There are a variety of restaurants in Pollonia village, which is within walking distance of the hotels.  The cuisine was always FRESH.  There are no tourist trap restaurants serving “Chicken Nuggets” and frozen reheated bread.  Think fresh house-made cheeses, fluffy pita, bright red tomatoes, light flowing red wine, seasoned kabob and fries that are perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. I could go on and on 🙂

Bailey and her Kebob
Jordan’s Meating Restaurant- A 5 minute stroll away and surprisingly had many vegetarian options (for Jordan and me 🙂Jordan’s Meating Restaurant

We loved our Hotel Melian Boutique Hotel. The Greeks love children (similar to the Italians) and the girls felt welcomed with pint-sized robes, slippers and tasty kids menus. With a hot tub on the patio, a giant hammock and a resident kitty that came around for leftovers, the kids were enamored with Milos with in moments of our arrival.

Another perk is that there is a breezy restaurant in the lobby of Melian that sits on the sea-side. It is only a few feet from the bottom floor rooms making a date night with eyes on the kids possible. The food is as fresh as it gets. The service is sincere and has an upscale yet family run environment. Breakfast is part of your room rate and includes an assortment of eggs, waffles, pancakes, greek cakes, teas, coffees, fruits… all made to order and brought to your oversized patio that faces the royal blue Aegean sea. Needless to say, it was hard to leave the Melian and we will definitely be repeat guests.

One of my favorite things to do in Milos was to watch the sun dissapear behind the horizon. The sky was so clear that it seemed as though we could take a quick swim and touch the sun as it intersectd with the earth’s line. It’s no wonder an island so tiny could inspire a brilliant artist to create Venus de Milo (Aphrodite).

Venus de Milo
Pink elephant in the room, anyone? You may be wondering… why  the Venus de Milo in Paris? The Athenians are also wondering why their marbles are in London.

This is a different topic for a different time, however, it is an interesting topic for your kiddos to research. If you are wanting more info on the mystery of Venus de Milo, here is a short and comprehensive article  summing up the highlights 15 Things You Should Know About Venus de Milo and if you’re interested in the mystery behind her and her history, this next article sums it up beautifully Guardian- Why we’re still up in arms…Venus de Milo

How to get there.

We got to Milos by High Speed Ferry from Santorini. What no one tells you- IMPORTANT – DO NOT TAKE THE “SMALL HIGH SPEED” FERRY  (to any of the Greek Islands) if you get even a little motion sickness. The Large ferry is lovely and comfortable and looking back, we would have definitely booked with them or taken a flight. I will spare you too many details but imagine one giant room with a hundred people and an orchestra of gagging followed by an increasingly strong smell of what follows the gagging while staff runs around handing out what would never be enough paper bags. It’s not pretty… and I am glad we survived it but will swim to Milos before I will get back on the small high-speed ferry.

If you’re on a budget or just don’t feel like flying, you can take the large ferry to Milos form Athens, Santorini or other ports. Ferry Schedule and Tickets. 

If you’d ike to fly, there are many options and the flights are sometimes just as cheap as the ferry.  Google Flights to Milos

We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog on Milos. If you have any questions,  or just liked our blog, feel free to leave a comment 🙂




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