Throwing out the schedule

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The was made with oil pastels. Great quality colors and great price as well.

One morning on a “homeschool day”, Bailey was SO fascinated with Lion Fish that she gently insisted that we stop our lesson so that she could draw one. One of the brilliant parts of homeschooling is that the student can be creative and self-led without a rigid schedule…so we wrapped up the lesson and away she went.

Proud Mommy (me) who had witnessed a Picasso moment sent her Lion fish picture to a group of dear friend’s with a little catch phrase about deviating from the schedule. In the back of my mind however, I was sure that at 10am, these girls would be getting right back on their schedule for reading time.

At 9:55 I attempted to transition from Art to reading time. “OK gals, let’s put up our art supplies and go do some reading on the beach.” … 10am… with a bit of a teacher tone… “OK gals, it is really time to get downstairs and start our reading.”  Jordan began to make a compelling case for  how she really needed to finish drawing her mimic octopus and Bailey was already knee deep into a realistic Grouper with a rainbow coral garden background.  While the little voice in my head tugged at me to stick to the schedule; there was a very calm and rationale part that insisted that I not interrupt their creative time… “OK, 5 more minutes girls and then we are heading down to read”.

The voice that sometimes takes space in my head thought “these kids need a routine… you are already a home schooler…you can’t just let them run around and not stick to a routine”. The girls did eventually wrap it up (30 minutes later)  and we headed out for reading time… so I thought.

As we made our way downstairs, Jordan went for the hammock, and Bailey began with a case for why it should actually be pool time instead of reading time. “Nope, it is reading time and we can do those things later. Please have a seat so we can start reading.”  I say. 10548762_920331684663506_9192542784300367567_oThen, at that moment, my hubby walks up with his paddle board and a big smile – “Who wants to Paddle board with Daddy?” he asks. This is what I call Daddy Daycare. “No we can’t do that… it’s reading time I say out loud but my facial expression is really saying “Walk away quick and throw that paddle board behind a tree and out of sight please!!!” The kids catch wind of my facial expression and start -“Mommy, PLEASE, the ocean is SO calm…. PLEASE PLEASE!” says Jordan. “Mommy, we have to!!!!” says Bailey.  At that moment in the thick of the crossroads I thought… commit to schedule to ensure a routine… ? or just let them ride on the paddle board with Daddy…. ? What was a homeschooling mama to do…? I thoughtfully chose the path that took less of my resistance. “Ok, go ahead guys” I said. They bolted to the paddle board as if they thought they heard wrong. The hubbs did too 🙂 10450121_870853346278007_3241862183837315997_o

Once the kiddos made it to the shore, I was sure that they were never going to pick up their books… and to my surprise… I was wrong…again. They both looked at me as if they were waiting… so I said,”OK babes, let’s start our reading…???”.  And just like that, they sat down and both read for almost an hour.

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There was only one interruption which was solved quickly with a little band-aid and love.

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So while the attached picture may appear as though the two little angels reading quietly and with their full attention have a mother who has it all figured out… you now know the actual truth 🙂


Thanks so much for reading. Do you ever deviate from your schedule?

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