Love of homeschooling!

halloweenIt would be wonderful to support and encourage parents that are contemplating becoming a home schooler. When I first started thinking of homeschool as an option, I was very intimidated and had a very different view of what it may be like. I thought that you had to be a very organized, incredibly responsible tidy upper… through the Four Traveling Tree blog, I hope to shed light on the subject and help parents see it for the beautiful, sometimes chaotic, incredibly fulfilling ride that it is.

IMG_3208I love homeschooling because I can watch my daughter chase a butterfly in the middle of the day between her curriculum. I love homeschooling because my oldest can do her reading in a hammock outside in nature. I love that my house is full of art, worksheets, notebooks, markers and tiny post-its reminding me what the girls have asked to learn next. I love the sheer curiosity of the girls that has been ignited since we made this transition to home school. I love that they hold my hand more. I love that we can disagree yet still feel so close to each other. I love that they are not exhausted by 4pm and that I don’t have to peel them out of their beds at 7am.

IMG_3388Some skeptics may say “well aren’t they missing out on the school experience?”. Yes, they are missing out on it … this Friday they will  excavate a turtle nest on our beach and then release endangered baby turtles into the ocean at dark… that is definitely not a “school experience”. They’ve released over 80 Green Sea Turtles, Loggerhead Sea Turtles and Hawksbill Sea Turtles in the last 10 weeks.

FullSizeRender (7)Last week, J- our 8 year old, did Singapore math, real life word problems where she counted leaves and their segments and then did an observation on all of the leaf roofs on the entire property. She learned to average numbers as well as do decimal long division… and came up with the average amount of leaves on the property… and she had a blast! No she did not have a worksheet or a lecture… she had a pencil, a note book and her own creative beautiful mind… thankfully, she didn’t have a “school experience” to hinder any of it.

IMG_2081 Last week, during some free time, my youngest dug a hole so deep that she could stand in it… it was awesome! I could go on and on about the reasons that we love homeschool but I think you get the picture 🙂

Please do comment or share this post with other homeschoolers that would like to share why they LOVE homeschooling! Let’s help shed light on this wonderful opportunity we are given!!

2 thoughts on “Love of homeschooling!

  1. Lovely post, it’s exactly what I’m hoping for from home education with my two girls especially when they get older.


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