Ciao baby! Foreign Language Fun


J and B are currently studying Spanish, Italian and we are about to roll into Mandarin. Rosetta Stone has a homeschooling package which is pretty amazing. I love Rosetta Stone because it actually works! The girls just plug in with their headphones and mic, watch the slides and voila!

What’s interesting is that they have been taking Spanish and Mandarin for over 3 years now at their prior private school and while they got phenomenal grades and reports… I never heard them REALLY speaking it at home. They sing songs and will say the numbers and colors… but never actually converse. However, now that we are on Rosetta Stone, they are getting braver and chit chatting en Espanola 🙂 It is a really amazing feeling to watch and hear your child speak a foreign language. You kinda want to pat yourself on that back 🙂 I always wanted to be one of those people that spoke 7 languages… but I only speak the English fluently… and while I do speak a good amount of Spanish, it is not good enough to teach them myself and therefore I am relearning with the girls and having a really fun time!

Why Spanish, Mandarin and Italian?

Spanish is a must because we are Texans for one, and two because if you are ever in a foreign country and no one understands your English… chances are you will find someone who speaks a Latinate language and can sort of figure out what you are saying 🙂 Dos cappuccini por favore. That is my Spanish/Italian hybrid way of saying “2 cappuccinos, please”… (wink).

Mandarin has been named the most difficult language to learn and therefore I think it is a must. It sounds NOTHING like any language that J and B hear on a regular basis and so that must mean it is exercising those sweet little brains and connecting loads of synapses!! Sure there are theories that our children will need to know Mandarin to survive in any type of Global employment opportunity…. but that would just be icing on the cake. I figure, if they can learn Mandarin… then they can learn any language… and it sounds cool! Yes, I just wrote that…and have made it all too clear again that if someone like me can homeschool… you can too 🙂

Italian- IMG_3209Oh Italia, how the Carson Family loves thee… let me count the Amores… We chose Italian, collaboratively, because very simply, we love Italy. We love Italian food, Italian people, gelato, real pizza, Chianti and the rustic laid back life of an Italian on the country side. We are ALL learning to speak Italian because we will continue to visit our Amore- Italia for as long as she will have us ❤

That’s all for now! Feel free to contact me with any questions!!

Ziajian, Adios and Arrivederci!

3 thoughts on “Ciao baby! Foreign Language Fun

  1. I loved this post! Thank you for sharing your perspective on learning languages. So much fun!

    (p.s. For being so nervous about being new to posting, you did an excellent job! One would think you’d been posting for years.)


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