The secret to a 6 and 8 year old’s love of mathematics!


Khan Academy may be one of the absolute best programs for supplemental schooling or home schooling. It is more user-friendly then any other program we have used, it has more valuable content then it’s competitors…. and get this… It is FREE FREE FREE! Their mission statement says it all! “Our mission is to provide a free, world-class education for everyone, anywhere.” If you have not used Khan yet, please read this brief  ‘about us’ to learn more about this amazing, Nobel prize winning, FREE resource! Why Khan?

Sal Khan (the inventor and video teacher of Khan Academy) has 3 degrees from MIT and one from Harvard. When my oldest starts asking me about decimal fractions and graphing…I’d say he could teach these and many other math concepts MUCH better than me… any day of the week…  and he does. Here is a 13 minute video done by 60 minutes on Sal Khan, Nobel Prize winner, and Khan Academy.

Sal Khan has managed to make a program (have I mentioned that it is free?) that gently figures out where your children have mathematical strenghts and where they are struggling. It is all positive reinforcement along with fun little avatars that your children can customize to their liking!  The program generates an algorythym that shows you on a weekly basis, where your child is in their skill set, how many minutes they have spent on each category along with badges and more avatars to customize. It is very user friendly once you have it up and going. What works best for our family is setting up the actual grade level for each child. Khan Academy links directly with Core Curriculum standards so you can be assured your child is on point and not just doing some random out of order math. In case you want to learn more about Core Curriculum, click on this very quick and comprehensive guide.

There is also a video for EACH skill that is being learned. SO, if your little (or big) one gets stuck, they always a video made by Sal Khan himself, teaching your child.

Thanks so much for your time and please feel free to ask questions about set up or anything else. I am more then happy to help!

Happy Schooling, Sue

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