Cousteau’s Ambassadors of the Environment- A Grand Cayman must!

The last two weeks have been a merge of absolute bliss, sprinkled with a bit of much-needed rigidity to get us back into our evening and morning flow 🙂

Getting their fins wet on day 1 :)
Getting their fins wet on day 1 🙂

J and B spent their first two weeks, here in Grand Cayman at Jean-Michael Cousteau’s Ambassadors of the Environment camp where they were emerged in an ocean wonderland and education via hands on experience.

Snorkeling the Wreck of the Cali
Snorkeling the Wreck of the CaliIMG_2915IMG_2912IMG_2907
Wreck of the Cali engine
Wreck of the Cali engine
No this is not a pool!! It is the beautiful Ocean in GC!!

IMG_2619 IMG_2621 IMG_2632

The girls did water experiments, snorkel odysseys,  Kayaked, built a raft out of recycled materials and found tree frogs at moonlight!  I can’t say enough great things about this program. The instructors are out of this world knowledgable about everything nature related from how to survive on coconut water to how to hold an upside Jellyfish without getting stung.

Beverly - Ambassador Instructor!
Beverly – Beloved Ambassador Instructor!
Ralph- Beloved Ambassador Instructor!
Ralph- Beloved Ambassador Instructor!
Carol - Beloved Ambassador Instructor
Carol – Beloved Ambassador Instructor
Kelly- Beloved Ambassador instructor!
Kelly- Beloved Ambassador instructor!

and the kids do it all… they kayak, hold starfish, snorkel all of the top spots on Island and meanwhile learn how to care for our ocean.

One of the many camps they offer is called  “Castaway Adventure”.  During this program, the campers pretended to be stranded on an island. On this “stranded Island” they learn how to access the nutrients in coconuts, build a raft and make a hut!! During another program “Mangrove Kayak Adventure” The girls went into the Mangrove Forest and kayaked as well as held starfish and jellies 🙂

IMG_4280 IMG_2604 IMG_2607 IMG_4422

We were actually lucky enough to have the camp extend it’s program out the last two weeks during low season just for J and B!!! Last night’s  “Frogtastic Fun” was their last camp for this trip.

Tree frog buddy :)
Tree frog buddy 🙂


This amazing camp normally runs from mid November to late August and is located in it’s own little cottage on the nature-full property of the Ritz-Carlton. You can email to ask questions or reserve a spot for your little ones… or big ones 🙂


to read more about how Cousteau gave J the freedom to cry… click here 🙂 

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